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About COSS

COSS (the Finnish Centre for Open Source Solutions), founded in 2003, is a national development agency for open source business ecosystem in Finland and number one gateway to Finnish open source. COSS promotes the development and adoption of managed and sustainable open source solutions in various industries and public sector.

COSS provides its members with high-quality business and competence development services and represents an emerging business community. The members of COSS include more than 130 open source vendors, solution providers and public and private organizations deploying and using open source solutions and innovation models.

The objective of COSS is to strengthen the competitiveness of the Finland's software intensive industries, promote the growth and internationalization of open source businesses, and catalyze the development of the Finnish information society with the support of open source technologies and communities. Our main focus areas are public sector, mobile and embedded systems, enterprise solutions and schools.

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COSS’s Commitment to FOSSBazaar

"COSS has been engaged in building the open source business ecosystem for years. For our members the good practice of open source governance has become a topic of great importance. We are very pleased to join the the FOSSBazaar and share the experiences of the COSS community with the other major organisations in the open source community."

Petri Räsänen
Founder and Director, COSS