Top 10 Ways to Stretch Your Budget by Using More Open Source Software in 2010

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Kim Weins and Rod Cope of OpenLogic gave a webinar about stretching your budget with open source software:

As budgets and priorities for 2010 begin to take shape, many enterprises are looking to open source as a way to stretch software budgets and meet business demands. In the last year, enterprises large and small have shifted to a proactive stance: striving to use open source whenever possible.

This webinar explores the process of enterprise open source software adoption from the perspective of three key stakeholders within the typical organization: developers, architects, and CIOs. We examine the unique challenges and goals of each of these roles, giving you tips on:

  • How to overcome internal roadblocks to the use of open source
  • How to meet the legal requirements of open source
  • What are the hottest technology areas for open source that you should consider

Whether you're a developer or architect hoping to get more done with open source or a CIO looking to cut costs, be sure to listen to this webinar to find out how you can make the most with open source in 2010.