Three new tools for project governance

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Free and Open Source Software is about sharing.  The idea is that by working together everyone benefits.  This concept does not stop with code.  For businesses there is also value in sharing best practice information to raise the bar on the market as a whole.  

At Opendawn we understand this.  We've been working in this field for a while, and we have seen open collaboration drive forward solutions to complex issues time and time again.  Sharing has contributed to our bottom line through direct resources, establishing new relationships, and by providing us with fresh perspectives.  

Today Opendawn launches three new tools for project governance into public beta.  The first is a library of links covering everything from process development through to politics. The second is a tool to help people explore licensing options when starting their own project. The third is a tool to help people locate experts around the world.  

These tools are part of our contribution back to the community, and are part of the same program that lead us to become an Associate Partner of FOSSbazaar.  Let us know what you think and stay tuned.  There is more to come.