Peter Saint-Andre: Jabber, the Real-Time Internet, and You (2007-10-17)

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About this Tux Talk

The half-life of information is constantly shrinking. We can trace that trend in the movement from static web pages to database-driven web sites. More recently, the site metaphor has started to break down entirely with the rise of content syndication -- RSS feeds, podcasts, and some forms of social networking. We have begun to build an Internet in which information is produced, filtered, consumed, modified, and exchanged by a wider range of participants in closer to real time. As a result, the further evolution of the Internet will likely involve not only a series of defined visits to discrete sites but also a constant stream of information flow, more similar to instant messaging than to the traditional web. One major enabling technology for this evolution is Jabber, a streaming XML technology first developed in 1999 for instant messaging and since standardized at the IETF under the name XMPP. In this session we will explore the technical basis for Jabber/XMPP technologies, their emergence as a stable, open, secure, extensible, widely-deployed infrastructure for the exchange of structured information over distributed networks, and ways in which they are being used to build real-time applications at leading-edge enterprises and service providers.

About Peter Saint-Andre

Peter Saint-Andre is Executive Director of the XMPP Standards Foundation (XSF), Director of Standards at Jabber Inc., Chair of the XMPP Council, and managing editor of the XSF's standards process. Peter has been contributing to the Jabber/XMPP community since late 1999, focusing on protocol documentation and development as editor of the XMPP RFCs and author of numerous XMPP protocol extensions. His weblog is published at and syndicated at Planet Jabber.

Event Schedule

This session was originally presented on October 17, 2007.