Open Source Governance: Critical Business Considerations and Strategies

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The adoption and use of open source software has been growing steadily for years, and there is no sign of that growth slowing any time soon. While many enterprises still think of Linux and perhaps Apache when they think of open source, the realm of open source extends far beyond these well-known projects. In fact, it has spread to virtually every part of information technology.

The advance of open source software across enterprises is increasing every year. But as you will see in this white paper, the use of open source software comes with potential risks. Understanding those risks and addressing them with a regimented and enforceable program of open source governance is the key to gaining more value from open source and protecting the interests of your business.

In the white paper, Open Source Governance: Critical Business Considerations and Strategies, we review the value of open source software and the role it plays in today’s enterprise. Then, we discuss the importance of open source governance and explore in more detail the exposure that open source introduces to your enterprise. Finally, we offer a set of recommendations on how you can leverage the experience and services offered by HP to implement an open source governance program for your enterprise.