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Looking at the Terms of Use of FOSSBazaar, I realized that nowhere we incite ourselves to use Open Source Document licenses for all the content which is produced here.

I think that Open Source licenses are very important for code, but also for documentation, and we, as a comunity, could lead the move towards a better adoption of Open Document licenses by using them for our contributions here.

And I think that it could be valid for individuals, such as myself on their blogs or artciles, as well as of FOSSBazaar's partners as institutions, where legally permitted.

So I just want to start and declare that everything published here  by myself is relased under a Creative Common By SA 3.0. Hope many others will follow, allowing for a larger influence of FOSSBazaar and prove by that choice the power of sharing ideas, as well as source code between communities of interest.

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Agreed - CC license way to go

Hi Bruno - 

I completely agree with your point, and I asked for this when I first joined FOSSBazaar. Fellow posters -  CC license is the way to go!

Further, I suggest the updated license information on older posts.




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A very good move, and one I wish more sites should adopt.
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Make this a profile option

Maybe it would be possible to add a 'default license option' to a user's profile. It should then be possible to simply post without specifying licensing terms each time, but still be possible to change the license of individual posts.

It could also be possible to use the images/icons from the Creative Commons website.

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Default license

I actually like the verboe reminder that we use OSI friendly licenses for our contributions. I agree that we can use the logo. It will look nicer. 


I still have challenges getting the blogs to format correctly, but will work at incorporating the logo. 

Franklin Street Statement

Better yet, y'all should take a look at the Franklin Street Statement and think about what you can do to move in line with that.