David Rowe: Open Hardware business models

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In 2005 David started working on open hardware techniques for telephony. The idea of open hardware (people collaborating to build free hardware designs just like open software) was a big experiment, especially when it came to commercial products.

Much has happened since then. New projects, and even businesses have spun out of the project. Coolest of all - open hardware products are now in volume production. People are buying and using these products - often in preference to products developed using traditional closed development models. Open hardware works!

The talk will discuss:

  • open hardware business models
  • differences with open software
  • why open hardware is better than closed for business
  • how open is open hardware
  • extreme open hardware

David Rowe has 20 years experience in the development of DSP-based telephony and sat-com hardware/software. David has a wide mix of skills including software, hardware, and project management including a PhD in DSP theory. He has held executive level positions in the sat-com industry (www.dspace.com.au) and has built and successfully exited a small business (www.voicetronix.com). However he has decided he is better at debugging machines than people so currently chooses to hack telephony hardware and software full time.