Antelink joins FOSSBazaar

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I'm very pleased to annouce that Antelink, the INRIA'spinoff I lead and cofound with Stépane Bagnier, joins FOSSBazaar community.

Antelink is a software vendor. Our market position leaves little room for developing service/consulting activities. As a result, we didn’t opt for an open source model. However, as users of open source libraries and solutions, we felt it was important to give something back to open source communities. Part of this will involve developing products and services that can be used for free by open source communities.

The first one is a service that measure the reputation of open source components. Based on monitoring the rate of reuse within a large set of open source projects, It is a byproduct of our R&D program. In the belief that it could be useful to the community, we thought it natural to provide this service for free. Go through the use case based on Apache Commons libs.

We also contribute to the first IP tracking methodology complying with collaboratively developed and component based software.

Guillaume ROUSSEAU
CEO and cofounder

Antelink's home page

Antelink open source reuse rating service

 Apache Commons Use Case