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From WAZI: What Does Oracle’s Buyout of Sun Mean to Open Source?

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Oracle's Buying Sun: What This Means to Open Source

Free as in Puppies

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President Obama has said he is prepared to go through the budget "line by line" to cut wasteful spending, but has so far failed to give any specifics of how that would be done. President Obama reached out to Scott McNealy from Sun to deliver a white paper regarding FOSS. Scott focused on the key offering of FOSS to business, vendor lock-in, and avoided the “free” position.

Open Source Insecurity?

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Jay Lyman of The 451 Group posted this note specific to the security of open source software.

Content that I contributed to the post . . .

Is FOSS ready for USA?

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Following the recent innaguration of our 44th president, it is fitting that we focus on our nation and the security of it through open source. The United States was founded on principals of freedom, so it makes sense that now we look towards "free software" to protect her. However, a question that beckons to be asked is, is open source ready to protect the United States' networks, or is the democratic development and decentralized distribution potentially a downfall? There are obvious benefits to open source software, but at the same time there are flaws to it that need to be addressed before it can be considered secure enough for government's systems.