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Respecting our roots

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Since the end of 2008, there has been a hot debate on the relative freedom of the afio software.  Everything started by the fact I wanted to incorporate MondoRescue into Fedora. In order to achieve that, I was in need of 2 other additional packages, among which was afio.

Afio was created back in 1985, way before our notion of Open Source existed,  even before the first GPL was written (dating from 1989). At that time, it was frequent to publish a piece of code people wanted to share on Usenet, in the comp.sources.unix. And it was also frequent to publish it with a note saying that people were allowed to share as long as no profit was made with it (same idea in fac t as the GPL to not render a software proprietary aferits distribution).

The french April releases "Economic Models of Freee Software",

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The french association April (which turned 10 this year) has translated his work on "Economic Models of Freee Software" which it published originaly in french back in December 2007.

It is a very good introduction document to point CEO/CIOs to, when they ask themselves why embrace FLOSS, or how starting a FLOSS business.

PDF version:

ODT version:

The french version is also of course available ;-)

FOSSBazaar should eat its own dog food ;-)

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Looking at the Terms of Use of FOSSBazaar, I realized that nowhere we incite ourselves to use Open Source Document licenses for all the content which is produced here.

I think that Open Source licenses are very important for code, but also for documentation, and we, as a comunity, could lead the move towards a better adoption of Open Document licenses by using them for our contributions here.

And I think that it could be valid for individuals, such as myself on their blogs or artciles, as well as of FOSSBazaar's partners as institutions, where legally permitted.