Security and Vulnerabilities

FOSSBazaar is no longer being updated. The information on this site is preserved for your convenience but may be out of date. Please visit Linux Foundation's Open Compliance Program for current information and activities.

Security and Vulnerabilities Are you looking for topics related to managing security & vulnerabilities with open source projects, including topics such as processes for identifying security issues in open source and their impact on an enterprise’s products? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Listed below are a set of resources to help you come up to speed, including both articles and relevant forum discussions.

Title Author Created on
2008: The Software Risk Report Ernest M. Park 2009-01-14 07:15
Coverity Report on Open Source Code Quality Martin Michlmayr 2008-05-28 16:38
Coverity Venture with U.S. DHS Announces Rung 2 of Open Source Analysis Coverity 2008-01-23 09:06
Ensuring the Quality of Open Source Software David Maxwell 2008-03-21 14:43
IP Management: Best Practices in Open Source Touches All Areas of FOSSBazaar Interest Olliance Group 2008-01-24 20:21
Open Source Computer Emergency Response Team (oCERT) launched Martin Michlmayr 2008-05-07 07:33
Open Source Vulnerability Database Martin Michlmayr 2008-06-23 10:27
Red Hat Builds New Community Around Security Martin Michlmayr 2008-06-05 12:18
Should Obama fund OSS Ernest M. Park 2009-02-21 18:03