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About Olliance Group

Olliance Group is the leading independent open source business and strategy consulting firm. Our mission is to help clients capitalize on the strategic, technological, and financial benefits of open source software. Clients include Fortune 100 enterprises, independent software vendors (ISVs), start-up firms, venture capital groups, not-for-profit organizations and government entities.

With the collective team experience of more than 150 years of open source business strategy, and our independent position in the open source ecosystem, we are able to offer a unique and powerful set of services including; corporate open source strategy, community building, sales and marketing planning and implementation, IP management and compliance, product and technology strategy and finance and mergers & acquisitions planning.

During the last seven years, Olliance has completed over 250 engagements with high profile entities including IBM, Nokia, Intel, Microsoft, Sun, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and The US Navy. Olliance Group has built a strong reputation in the venture capital community as well as with over 30 commercial open source startup clients, seven of which were named as top 10 open source business models to follow by industry analyst The 451 Group.

Olliance plays an influential role in the open source industry and to community organizations through our strategic engagements and in maintaining a direct connection to the open source community at large by participating in a number of open source projects and user communities.

About Olliance Group and FOSSBazaar:

"Olliance Group is proud to be a strategic partner in FOSSBazaar. Strategy is a core component of best practices in open source governance, and our experience with clients across the entire ecosystem means Olliance Group can provide substantial insights to FOSSBazaar participants. Giving back to the community is a foundation of open source and a practice we support wholeheartedly."

Andrew Aitken, co-Founder and Managing Partner, Olliance Group

As part of Olliance Group’s strategy consulting expertise in open source we assist our clients in all resource areas that are of concern to the FOSSBazaar community. Please see our listings in the FOSSBazaar “Resources” tab under:

  • Sponsor (FOSSBazaar strategic partner)
  • Commercial Vendors (strategy planning)
  • Consulting Services (strategy planning)
  • Legal Services (IP management and compliance strategy planning)
  • Support Services (strategy planning)

For further information please visit: www.olliancegroup.com