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About Coverity

Automatically identify security and quality defects in your code

Coverity provides tools for use in the software development process.

The company's flagship product, Coverity Prevent, provides static source code analysis to identify quality, security, and concurrency defects in code. By identifying problems at compile time, Prevent helps developers eliminate problems early in the development lifecycle, allowing companies to save valuable testing and QA and helps eliminate costly software field defects by improving the overall quality of your code.

As contracted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Coverity provides the results of analysis on open source codebases to the developers so that widely used free software can be made better and more secure. Developers from over one hundred open source projects make active use of the issues presented by the Coverity Scan.

Corporate customers can review Coverity's commercial offerings at

Open Source developers, or users can view the Coverity Scan projects at

Coverity's Commitment to FOSSBazaar

"Understanding the presence and security of open source components in any code base is mandatory for effective software design and testing, As adoption of open source software continues to accelerate, the complexity of developing and managing applications will only increase. Collaboration between HP, Coverity and the other FOSSBazaar members will bring a unique perspective to the software development process that will benefit developers by helping them ensure the security and appropriate licensing of their free and open source code assets."

Dave Maxwell Open Source Strategist, Coverity