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Are you interested in finding books that include discussions on the topic of open source governance? Listed below are some for you to consider:

Title Created on
The Success of Open Source 2008-01-08 14:51
Rebel Code 2008-01-08 14:54
The Business and Economics of Linux and Open Source 2008-01-08 14:56
Producing Open Source Software 2008-01-08 15:10
The Cathedral & the Bazaar 2008-01-08 15:30
Open Sources 2008-01-09 13:39
Open Sources 2.0 2008-01-09 13:44
Succeeding with Open Source 2008-01-09 14:17
Free as in Freedom 2008-01-09 14:24
Just for Fun 2008-01-09 14:28