IP Management: Best Practices in Open Source Touches All Areas of FOSSBazaar Interest

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Open Source Software
Intellectual Property Management

An Introduction and Overview of Industry Best Practices

By Greg Olson
IP Management and Compliance Practice Manager
Olliance Group, LLC.

Foreword by Mark Radcliffe, Senior Partner, DLA Piper

This white paper addresses the foundational components of successful open source software IP management, including challenges, success factors and best practices.

Open source software IP management is relevant to almost every type of software development today from infrastructure to applications, from large enterprises to small startups. Whether you are deploying open source solutions internally, building proprietary applications on an open source code base, planning for M&A or IPO, or even releasing a proprietary application as open source, you must be aware of the many facets involved in managing open source effectively, efficiently, and safely.

There are three primary elements of open source IP management. The first is the core strategy behind the use and management of open source software as a means to your business, technology and company objectives. The second focuses on open source code, licenses, and contracts. The third involves employment of best practices to manage potential risks and liabilities efficiently.

Best practices in IP management touches all aspects of the FOSSBazaar community including getting started, governance, policy, security, acquisition, inventory, compliance, and support. For more information please download this white paper here in FOSSBazaar or visit www.olliancegroup.com.