CFP: Legal and Licensing Aspects of Open Source at OWF 2011

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Licensing is an important component of every free software and open source project. This is especially true as an increasing number of corporations are adopting and distributing open source applications and code. This track considers various legal and licensing aspects of open source, both from a community and a corporate perspective.

This track is a great opportunity for you to discuss legal and licensing aspects of open source with lawyers, decision makers, open source developers and other people who are interested in legal aspects of open source.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of topics we would like to cover:

  • Contributor agreements and copyright assignment (e.g. Harmony)
  • Standards for exchanging license data (e.g. SPDX)
  • Open source licensing in the cloud (e.g. AGPL; open source in Javascript)
  • Open source compliance (tools, processes, etc)
  • Open source and patents
  • Incorporating projects as non-profit organizations

Please send a title and an abstract (5-15 lines) of your talk, with a short (5-10 lines) bio and the expected length of your talk (50 minutes for longer talks, 25 minutes for short talks) to Martin Michlmayr at

Final date for submission: August 7, 2011