Code of Conduct

FOSSBazaar is no longer being updated. The information on this site is preserved for your convenience but may be out of date. Please visit Linux Foundation's Open Compliance Program for current information and activities.

This Code of Conduct is a set of guidelines outlining the responsibilities of and proper practices for individuals participating in FOSSBazaar or affiliated suchs, such as SPDX. These guidelines supplement the official Terms of Use which govern all content on FOSSBazaar (and affiliated sites) and combined, are intended to promote a culture that encourages active participation, learning and constructive conversation. By participating in FOSSBazaar and its affiliated sites, you agree to comply with this Code of Conduct.


FOSSBazaar is a community to share and discuss ideas, best practices, and problems related to the governance of FOSS. FOSSBazaar relies on the active participation and collaboration of different members on a number of topics. When participating in FOSSBazaar, it is important to be considerate and respectful. We encourage contributions from everyone, as long as they follow certain standards of civility. FOSSBazaar is a professional site and we expect registered users to behave accordingly. Criticism is welcome, since this site is about learning from each other, but please make sure that criticism is constructive rather than hostile or destructive. Even though the interaction with others on FOSSBazaar is online, please don't say anything you wouldn't feel comfortable saying to someone in person.


FOSSBazaar members come from diverse backgrounds and participate in discussions on a wide range of topics related to the governance of FOSS. There are bound to be disagreements between participants from time to time. When interacting with FOSSBazaar members that have different views and interests than your own, it is important to be considerate in your communications. The aim of this community is to share ideas and experiences, but we don't expect everyone to have the same views. When there is a disagreement between users after a long discussion and it seems unlikely that you will come to a common view, there is no point in repeating your position again. It may be time to agree to disagree and to consider what you may learn from the alternative view expressed.


We encourage participants to use their real names on FOSSBazaar as this helps to establish trust among participants, however, users can choose to remain anonymous. We expect members of FOSSBazaar to respect the privacy of others and refrain from posting private communications without permission or to identify users of this community who which to remain anonymous.

Specific guidelines

  • Please consider the topic of a specific discussion when you wish to make a contribution. Don't post views or information that are not related to the topic being discussed. Instead, consider starting a new discussion as long as the topic is related to the governance of FOSS.
  • Restrict questions to a single topic. When you have several unrelated questions, please don't put them in one posting. Use different postings for your questions, but make sure not to make too many postings at the same time.
  • Please avoid flamewars, trolling, personal attacks, and repetitive arguments.
  • Constructive criticism is welcome.
  • FOSSBazaar is an international community which uses English as the language for communication. Please remember that English is not the native language of all participants. Please be gentle and understanding, but feel free to ask people to clarify if something is not clear.

The creators and moderators of FOSSBazaar take this Code of Conduct very seriously. Failure to observe these guidelines or instructions given from the moderators can lead to suspension or removal from the FOSSBazaar web site.