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The Quality of Code is not strained...

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A proprietary vendor supplied us with their code and details of performance for one of our teams to integrate with our existing systems. No news there, happens every day across the enterprise. However, as the implementation scaled it exposed fatal flaws in the proprietary code when under load - bringing everything to a grinding halt.

As a consequence, we were obliged to rework the code for the vendor (having first pointed out all the flaws) – which entailed decompiling the Java, analysing and reworking it in order to get the system up and running again as well as additional improvements in the SQL queries. Because it was proprietary, there was no internal documentation available, no visibility of the code and no published schema to work with.

3% of open source software ever created use Apache Commons libraries

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Almost 3% of the open source projects ever created use at least one lib from Apache Commons !

Wonder if it's a lot ? just imagine that 3% of the customers getting into a supermarket since supermarkets exist, bought at least one of the products you manufactured ... and more than 3 times over 4, this product is the Apache Commons Logging component !!!

TOP 5 most reused components from Apache Commons

CFP: Best Practices in Open Source Governance at Open World Forum

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We're going to have a governance session at Open World Forum in Paris again this year. The aim of this session is to exchange and discuss best practices of the governance of open source, i.e. to discuss how organizations can manage their use of open source. This session will bring together experts and decision makers to discuss the state of the art of open source governance, analyze challenges that organizations face with the governance of open source and to identify ways for improving governance processes.

We're currently looking for proposals for this event. Please see the Open World Forum wiki for more information on submitting a proposal. The deadline is Thursday, April 15.

FOSSBazaar face to face meeting at LF Collaboration Summit

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As in the last two years, we'll be holding a FOSSBazaar face to face meeting at the LF Collaboration Summit. The Collaboration Summit takes place from Wednesday April 14 to Friday April 16 in San Francisco and our meeting will be on Thursday and Friday. Our focus this year is on the following two efforts:

Free Loans at 0% Interest

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In a recent Back Duck survey, we found that companies doing software development are using significant amounts of open source software; about 22% of code was identified as originating from an OSS project.


The cost savings from strategic use of open source can free up precious software development resources and compress project schedules. To calculate how much, see the Black Duck ROI calculator.